Teacher’s Day: Celebrate with WhatsApp Stickers, learn how to download and install


Teacher’s Day: Celebrate with WhatsApp Stickers, learn how to download and install Today i.e. September 5, Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India and like every year, this time is a special craze among students and teachers. However, due to Corona, students cannot meet their teachers and wish them a happy day. But for this you can use social media platforms. You can celebrate this day by sending stickers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day using the instant messaging app WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is provided on almost every festival and special day on WhatsApp and includes Teachers’ Day. You can send the stickers by downloading and installing these stickers in your smartphone. For this, you need to follow some easy tips. Let’s know how to download and install WhatsApp stickers on Android smartphones on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

Step 1. To download WhatsApp stickers on Android smartphone, first open a chat box. Click on the emoji given in it, where the option of emoji, GIF and stickers is given.

Step 2. Click on the stickers from it and where you will find ‘+’ icon in the top. After clicking on this icon, scroll to the bottom of it.

Step 3. At the bottom you are given the option of ‘Get more stickers’, click on it. After which you will directly go to the Google Play Store.

Step 4. Google Play store is open, search by writing Teacher’s Day stickers there. Where you will find many options. Select any of these sticker packs of your choice.

Step 5. After selecting the sticker pack, download and install it. Once installed, that pack will appear in your WhatsApp stickers and you can send it to your teachers on a special occasion today.



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