'पोकेमॉन: ट्वायलाइट विंग्स' एक अ‍ॅनिमेटेड गॅलर अ‍ॅडव्हेंचर आहे – गीक

'पोकेमॉन: ट्वायलाइट विंग्स' एक अ‍ॅनिमेटेड गॅलर अ‍ॅडव्हेंचर आहे – गीक


‘Pokemon: Twilight Wings’ Is an Animated Galar Adventure

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Pokemon Sword and Shield really shook things for the Pokemon games. They’re on an HD home console, they have pseudo-open world areas, and they’re getting substantial expansion packs in lieu of third versions.

But Sword and Shield are shaking up the Pokemon anime as well. After becoming a Pokemon Master at the end of the Sun and Moon arc, you’d figure Ash Ketchum’s next adventure would be take him to the Galar region. That’s technically true, but the current Pokemon anime, Pocket Monsters, actually takes place all over the Pokemon world, not just the fake United Kingdom.

If you want to watch a Pokemon cartoon set exclusively in the new Galar region, check out the Pokemon: Twilight Wings miniseries.

Instead of a whole season of television, Pokemon: Twilight Wings is a seven-episode series of shorts exploring life in Galar. Separate from the main continuity, it sticks closer to the storyline of the games, similar to the Pokemon Generations miniseries.

It’s also a lot more dramatic than a normal Pokemon anime? This first episode centers around a sick little boy in a hospital who dreams of watching Champion Leon battle in an arena. He has an encounter with Chairman Rose in front of a gorgeously animated Corviknight flying taxi. And we get brief glimpses of Galar gym leaders. Honestly, the actual Pokemon Sword and Shield games could’ve used some storytelling (and voice acting) like this.

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