Jwala Gutta becomes part of “Me Too” movement, rakes up mental harassment complaints and selection biases

Jwala Gutta took to Twitter on Monday to mention instances of sexual harassment by joining the “me too” movement that has taken India by storm and has been causing aftermath the world over. She claimed negligence from top resulted in her being sidelined and eventually ending her career.

Former Indian badminton player Gutta highlighted occurrences of “mental harassment” and selection biases, in lieu of the ongoing “Me Too” movement via Twitter. The world championships bronze-medallist in women’s doubles didn’t take any names or mentioned any instances of sexual harassment but reiterated her allegations of being targeted in selection. 

“Maybe I should talk about the mental harassment I had to go through…#metoo. Since 2006, this person became the chief ..threw me out of the national team in spite of me being a national champion. The latest was when I returned from RIO. I am out of national team again. One of the reasons I stopped playing!!” she wrote.

In the context of her long-standing feud with national coach P Gopichand she purported that he ignored the doubles players and solely concentrated on the singles ones. 

“Since 2006…till 2016…have been thrown out of the team again n again n again..in spite of my performances…2009 I was back in the team when I was world no.9..,” she tweeted.

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